Part of the appeal of NHL 19 is its accessibility. You don't have to keep up with every iteration of the series, jump in and have fun. The first thing it asks you to do is to choose a game style based on your level of skill. Are you a complete EA NHL rookie? NHL 19 gives you the option to use simplified rules and NHL 94 controls. An experienced veterinarian wants to show off your hockey handling skills? The skill stick option allows you to build muscle on ice. Hybrid control meets somewhere in the middle. Anyone with any skill level can play NHL 19, which is great.

Comments have also improved from last year, so they don't repeat often. It feels like a TV commentary that responds well to the action on the ice. A good menu system that allows you to fix your favorite mode, let you quickly enter the game, and a decent soundtrack adds up to all the wonderful. It is also full of choices, from a large number of modes (online and offline) to dazzling creative player options. It's disappointing that you can only choose from pre-made faces, but I'm impressed with how you thoroughly personalize your custom players, especially the real hockey players.

But it's more detailed than this, until the lace color on your skates and the tape on your stick, you can set the shaft and blade separately. Many customization options are locked behind tasks and challenges, but they are not very difficult, so unlocking them is a satisfying pleasure, not a chore. The absolute number of choices is amazing, and it is almost guaranteed that no two players look the same.

EA Sports Ones is my favorite excellent online mode, defeating the Drop-in Threes and EASHL league modes. This is an absolutely free frozen pond where three players attack each other and everyone fights with the CPU-controlled goalkeeper. This is a fast, arcade-style online mode where you can play according to your needs. I found myself waiting for my opponent to fight, so I could slide on them, the fastest, throwing a physical exam that would let me throw ice in any other mode. This is the most interesting part of my hockey game, I smiled throughout the game.

NHL Threes has a similar arcade style, but fortunately, it can be played in single-player games as well as in local cooperatives or online games. Due to the arcade-style gameplay and the opportunity to unlock and play the mascot, the three-pointer retains the same absurdity as last year. But even if it looks ridiculous, it still retains the solid, fast and fun gameplay of the NHL 19 core. Once again, the NHL 19 has a thorough training model that shows you how to complete every movement from basic passing and shooting to advanced, ridiculous leg techniques. The training mode does not cover all possibilities, but the adaptive prompting system will populate you during the game, showing how and when to perform certain actions. offer you the Cheap NHL 19 Points at the best price; you can try it.