Italy protagonist on FIFA 19. EA Sports has announced the release on the market of five Icon Prime, which will be available in the various packages of the marketplace already now: so much the Serie A present driven by the crazy overall of Javier Zanetti and the only player of the group ever passed by our championship, namely former Manchester United Ryan Giggs. Total value of 92 for both, which stand out with over 80 in almost all the main stats of the card.

Factor nostalgia very high, however, for the two cards from the lowest overall. How not to be overwhelmed by memories, however, when you are faced with Christian Vieri and Gianfranco Zola in the Prime version, with an overall of 90. Crazy statistics for the national Bobo, which with a speed from the value of 83, a shot from 91 and a physicist from 84 can represent the number one terror of the opposing penalty areas. Magic Box, on the other hand, is already a candidate for the FIFA 19 ideal for FIFA 19 with speed 86, shooting and dribbling 91 and passage 88. A real fury without weak points or almost, if we omit a 63 on the physical on which you can still pass over.

As for the Gheorghe Hagi, it is more or less the same speech made for Zola: placing it on the line of the trequartisti could offer numerical superiority, danger to shooting and accuracy in the last step. It could be, perhaps, a bit problematic to find an optimal placement in terms of understanding, but the thing is easily circumvented by adding another icon or inserting it into a consolidated team. Important, however, is not to be found with a value of less than 6, which should be taken as a minimum reference to avoid mistakes and not to ruin the mechanisms.

FIFA 19 where to find the new Icon Prime

The new Icon Prime will be available in the various packages of the FIFA 19 marketplace. Obviously, finding them will not be easy, but it will be possible to secure one through the Pink Creation Challenges that EA Sports will surely make available to users. In this way also all the gamers little accustomed to the pack opening or to unpacking, if you prefer will be able to bring an icon into their club. Choose to buy cheap FIFA 19 Coins V2.0? You are able to buy cheapest FIFA 19 Coins V2.0 from! We will offer you the best and fast service.