Neverwinter is practically the essence of the RPG or purer RPG that you can find today and has always been one of the references within the genre. Now you can understand why Neverwinter Nights picks up the pure essence of this genre. Neverwinter brings all the original content of your PC version so we can enjoy Dungeon & Dragons from our mobile. An optimized version for interaction through a touch screen and that puts you directly into a world of adventure and fantasy.

We have to say that all the content of Neverwinter takes us from the Diamond Edition with its original campaigns and two expansion packs. You can go through dangerous cities, dungeons full of monsters and the whole adventure of exploring forests and plains. It also includes Shadows of Undrenti and Hordes of the Underdark. At the same time three premium modules that we can acquire to have 40 hours of new stories.

If we have said that we will need half an hour only for the most basic aspects, we mean that only in the creation of our hero will we have to choose his class, race, race package and even our God with which we can beat ourselves in different scenarios against one or the other enemies. We recommend that you take all the time in the world to create your character, since the style of play will depend on it. And store offers Cheap Neverwinter Zen online for you!

We remember that Neverwinter is considered one of the most complete RPGs in the history of video games. And this is because he uses almost all the rules of the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons. In other words, the dialogues with every character that you find, the investigation of weapons, the use of tools for seeding, creating crafts or improving your skills tree, will only be part of the entire playing time that will take you to Neverwinter.

If we already add that the online multiplayer is another of the points of Neverwinter, you can get ready to enjoy all kinds of games in which many, above all carried by the Master Dungeon, will be fun, unexpected and full of all kinds of adventures. And since we could be talking hours about Neverwinter, we will make clear the optimizations carried out so that you can enjoy this great RPG on your mobile. We have two ways to move, by clicking on the ground or enemies / npcs, or using the stick. In order to open other menus, and if we play other types of classes in which we have to inspect, by pressing long on an enemy, different options to attack or look will appear.