Gardenscapes is an online single player puzzle game developed and published by Playrix Games in August 2016. The game is available for free to play and can be played on various platforms like Android/iOS, MAC OS and on FB Games too. Gardenscapes is an addictive match-three puzzle game with a purpose, earn stars to fix up your neglected garden.

As the name suggests, in the Gardenscapes, players have to restore the abandoned garden left unmaintained for years. Austin the Butler is an in-game character which will guide players in restoring the garden. It is your responsibility to raise the money to repair the damages of this neglected property and create a beautiful garden. Power-ups are essential in any game as they serve as a catalyst to help you pass all the game levels more smoothly. There goes the same for Gardenscapes power ups.

Although we want to guide you through every level, we only have a few levels done so far. Players need stars to complete the restoring work in the game. Stars can be opted by solving puzzles which are based on match-3 mechanics. If you get stuck at any Gardenscapes levels, power-ups are often your best bet, and probably your last resort.

Play gardener and find hidden objects in Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes offers hours of fun for hidden object game lovers. He offers the player to put himself in the shoes of a gardener who has recently inherited a magnificent mansion. The object of the game is to search the mansion for hidden objects in order to collect money to create the landscaping of your dreams.

A free application for iPad where creativity and sense of observation are needed! After games where you have to create a zoo, a farm or an aquarium, here is one where it is the green plants that are in the spotlight. In Gardenscapes, the player has to revamp a dilapidated garden that has been abandoned for several years. To personalize it, the player must listen to the advice of Butler Austin.

On the other hand, to have enough money in his wallet and to buy attractive accessories, this one must indulge in parallel to a game of hidden objects. In fact, more than 1,000 objects are hidden in the 15 rooms of the manor in front of the garden in question. And for every object found, the budding gardener has cash rewards that allow him to accessorize his garden. For more information, visit where you can buy Cheap Gardenscapes Coins. The cheapest Gardenscapes Coins are waiting for you.